Technical Drawings – CAD Drawings

Do you need technical or engineering drawings, for a simple one-off component or complex series of drawings that will ensure everything fits together once made?

Scribbled Idea or In-Depth Notes

Whether you just have an idea scribbled on a piece of scrap paper or a more in-depth set of notes that need turning into workable engineering drawings, our knowledge of tolerances, fits, materials and manufacturing methods will help bring your idea to life.

2D and 3D Technical / Engineering Drawings

Minimise the risk of something going wrong or not working by creating professional 2D / 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design), technical and engineering drawings. 


Should you use aluminium, how will the heat generated affect the tolerances, how strong does the arm need to be to take the load, what grade of steel do I need to withstand daily use are all questions that need answering before anything gets made.

Engineering Solutions

As specialists in engineering solutions for problems yet to be reconciled, we have an excellent knowledge of various materials, production processes and have worked in industries such as print, food packaging, active packaging and pharmaceuticals.

Complex or Simple

You can use our knowledge and expertise, whether your project is simple, such as designing a bulb holder for LED lighting on your motorbike through to a complex machine process that has many moving parts that need technical or engineering drawings, that ensure all that parts fit together when manufactured.

Some things you need to know to create working engineering drawings:

  • The tolerances
  • The optimum materials
  • Heat impact on materials and tolerances
  • Usage impact on material choice
  • Fixing solutions

  and much more.

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Why Choose Us?

Years of experience in:
Creation of 2D and 3D drawing
Research and Development of New Ideas / Processes
Engineering Problem Solving
Hands on Experience
Understanding of Different Materials, Tolerances, Heat etc.

Quality drawings to work from that result in working systems and design applications.

The above knowledge will help save time and money.

“Amberley has been using IPD Ltd for a number of years now and always enjoyed excellent service and support. It’s wonderful to have a supplier that cares as much about your customers products as you do and Vincent and the team at IPD do just that, I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Trevor Smith, Managing Director, Amberley Adhesive Labels Ltd

“We have used IPD since their inception and have known the owner Vincent Hall for many years before that. Put simply, IPD has been an excellent supplier; they have overcome problems for us whenever they have occurred, finding solutions quickly and cost-effectively. We have always received excellent service, delivery times and the quality has been faultless. It is a pleasure to work with a company where the customer is valued as highly as with IPD.”

Paul Holt, Managing Director, PhotoCentric Ltd

For a free no-obligation quote for your project fill out our contact form or call us on 079177 60627


Fully specified engineering drawings help prevent lost time with phone calls and emails asking about missing dimensions and questioning tolerances or material type.

Who Do We Work With?

Whether you are large company or an individual who wants parts created for your project, we can help you with a 2D / 3D CAD, technical and engineering drawing.